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Компания прогресс
A group of companies involved in sales and production and providing diversified professional services throughout Ukraine and in neighboring states.
The main business lines of the company include crop farming (cultivation of wheat, barley, sunflower, soy, corn, sorghum), pig breeding (production of meat on hoof), fish farming, grain processing and storage, sunflower seeds and soy beans processing, complete feed production.

"Leader" LLC manufacturing complex comprises a commercial pig farm, an automated thrashing floor, a plant for processing sunflower seeds and soy beans, feed preparation shop, as well as a tractor station for agricultural vehicles servicing and repair, an laboratory of agricultural goods quality control and a fish breeding pond. The land bank of the company makes 4,600.00 (hectares).

All lands owned by the company are located in Novonikolayevsky and Volnyansky Districts of Zaporizhzhia Region being the most favorable agricultural climatic zone of Zaporizhzhia Region.

Production activities of "Leader" LLC are based on the state-of-the -art scientific and engineering developments. The company is evaluating and implementing crop-farming and animal-breeding technologies unique for the region.

"Leader" LLC

    54, Naberezhnaya st., Vesely Gai village, Novonikolayevsky District, Zaporizhzhia Region, 70120, Ukraine
The company was established in 2004, and as for now it has a 10 years’ experience working in production and supply of goods for railroad industry, incl. signaling, centralization, blocking equipment (SCB) and track facilities.

On a permanent basis, our products are purchased by all railways in Ukraine, railways of the former Soviet Republics and enterprises that have their own railroad facilities. As we have been working on the market since 2004, we are constantly extending the range of our items and products and improving their quality owing to innovative technologies implementation. Our enterprise employs skilled professionals having experience and practical know-how in this industry.

Aiming to study consumers’ demand for novelties and quality products and in order to enhance quality of the produced goods, our specialists offer advice and consulting services and maintain close contacts with subdivisions using our products on a constant basis.

Production of "Progress Mashstroy" LLC is certified both in UkrSEPRO System (the Unified State System of Certification and Standardization of Ukraine) and in ISO 9001. All articles produced by our company are certified and meet all strict requirements of corresponding standards.


    8, Skladskaya st., Zaporizhzhia city, 69083, Ukraine
    tel./fax: +38 (061) 214-83-40,
    cell phone: +38 (095) 239-42-15, +38 (050) 421-39-67
"Corundkeramika plus" LLC is a fast growing Ukrainian producer of ceramics for metallurgy, electrotechnical and other industries. The company produces a wide range of technical products.

Products made of mullite silica ceramics (MSC) in form of bars, tubes, drawbars, troughs are widely used in production and servicing electric furnaces and in laboratory researches. Setters, splits, plates made of fire clay are used as a processing equipment in ceramics production.

Products made of electrotechnical ceramics (pads, clips, insulators) are used both in production of low and high voltage equipment, as well as in transformer building.

Milling agents, lining and refractory facing are the main technical products made of hard ceramics. Such products are used in ceramic, concrete, varnish-and-paint, chemical, pharmaceutical and mining industries.

"Corundkeramika plus" LLC also has a possibility to fulfill customized orders for its Partners. The company develops and produces ceramic engineering products of any complexity in accordance with the Customer’s technical specifications. All ceramic products are produced with due consideration of strict requirements to dimensional accuracy and surface condition.

Our plant laboratory performs control of production methods.

Experienced technologists of our company develop optimal and acceptable solutions for production of articles of technical ceramics.

"Corundkeramika plus" LLC

    8, Skladskaya st., Zaporizhzhia city, 69083, Ukraine
    tel./fax: +38 (061) 221-02-82,
    cell phone: +38 (095) 239-41-91
Our Auto Center is situated in Naberezhnaya arterial road. From now all devotees of perfect Japan quality and many years of automobile construction tradition get an opportunity to see advanced technologies of automobile construction, service, automobile lending, insurance and leasing.

Our dealership offers to buyers a wide model range of Nissan motor cars. In our catalogues you may find any information on crossover utility vehicles, powerful off-roaders and street vehicles. Any time we also have on sale genuine spare parts for various car models, accessories and other components intended for maximum comfort of passengers and drivers. You may choose and test drive any Nissan car by your preference at out dealership. The most popular models are Micra, Juke, Qashqai and new X-Trail.

Our customers are offered services of our own Nissan Service Center, which provides aftersales, post-warranty service and scheduled maintenance, as well as a full range of technical maintenance and repair services according to manufacturer’s standards.
Nissan Service Center has in its possession advanced equipment, wide range of spare parts and is staffed with a highly qualified personnel.

Automobile showroom

    76a, Pobedy street, Naberezhnaya magistral (arterial road), Zaporizhzhia city, Ukraine
    Automobile showroom:
    tel.: +38(061) 221-00-00
    cell phone: +38 (095) 239-41-14, +38 (096) 239-41-14

    Service Center: tel: тел. +38(061) 221-00-11
While visiting Toyota Center Zaporizhzhia "Vostok Avtomir", you may enjoy a full range of services related to purchase, maintenance and repair of Toyota motor cars, i.e. in one place you may:
  • buy a brand-new Toyota motor car,
  • run test-drive of Toyota car by your preference,
  • buy Toyota motor car according to trade-in system (exchange your car for a new one with payment of an extra charge),
  • get a loan for Toyota motor car and effect an insurance policy of your motor car,
  • register motor car with State Traffic Patrol Department,
  • get aftersales, post-warranty services,
  • get installed any auxiliary equipment, accessories, alarm, security systems and antitheft complexes,
  • choose automobile accessories and genuine spare parts for Toyota motor cars.
Toyota Center Zaporizhzhia "Vostok Avtomir" is the only authorized dealer of TOYOTA Ukraine in Zaporizhzhia Region that launched a corporate sales support program.

Toyota Center Zaporizhzhia,
"Vostok Avtomir"

    76a, Pobedy street, Naberezhnaya magistral (arterial road), Zaporizhzhia city, Ukraine
    Sales Department tel.(061) 222-1-444
    Service Department tel.(061) 222-1-444
    Spare Parts and
    Accessories Department
    tel.(061) 222-1-446
    Customers Servicing Department tel.(061) 222-1-448
Our company offers a package of services related to purchase of PEUGEOT passenger and commercial motor cars, ordering of genuine spare parts and accessories, scheduled maintenance of cars in our authorized vehicle service station, post-warranty maintenance, as well as repair works of any complexity.

The automobile showroom "LION AUTO" offers a model range of PEUGEOT passenger motor cars: Peugeot 208, Peugeot 208gti, Peugeot 301, Peugeot 308, Peugeot 308sw, Peugeot 308cc, Peugeot 2008, Peugeot 3008, Peugeot 508, Peugeot 508rxh, Peugeot 4008suv.
Model range of PEUGEOT commercial motor cars is presented by: Peugeot Partner Tepee VP, Peugeot Partner Tepee VU, Peugeot Expert, Peugeot Boxer.

Service package offered by Peugeot Center Zaporizhzhia "Lion Auto" includes:
  • Sales of PEUGEOT motor cars
  • Test-drive
  • Automobile insurance
  • Assistance in registration of motor car with State Traffic Patrol Department
  • Car loans
  • Aftersales and post-warranty service (maintenance)
  • Installation of auxiliary equipment and accessories
  • Selection of genuine spare parts and accessories
  • Autoshop
  • Vehicle service station
  • Car wash
  • Vehicle health check
  • Disassembly
  • Repair
  • Body repair
  • Enamel color matching
  • Painting

Peugeot car owners may get a full package of services related to purchase, service (maintenance) of their cars in Automobile showroom "LION AUTO", as well as repair works of Peugeot motor cars in the authorized Peugeot dealership vehicle service station in Zaporizhzhia.

Peugeot Center Zaporizhzhia

    8, Skladskaya st., Zaporizhzhia city, 69083, Ukraine
    Automobile showroom tel.: +38(061) 222-88-22
    Vehicle service station tel.: +38(061) 222-88-18
Our automobile showroom offers a wide model range represented by car models as follows:
    Kia Picanto, Kia Rio, Kia Cerato, Kia Сee’d, Kia Optima, Kia Sportage, Kia Sorento, Kia Soul, Kia Carens, Kia Quoris.
You may get a full package of services related to purchase, maintenance and repair of KIA motor cars in Zaporizhzhia city:
  • Sales of KIA motor cars
  • Car loans
  • Automobile insurance
  • Service control
  • Aftersales and post-warranty service
  • Installation of auxiliary equipment and accessories
  • Selection of genuine spare parts and accessories
  • Vehicle health check and repair works of any complexity
  • Body repair, painting, car wash

We are happy to address every request from our customers and we respect each your question and suggestion, meaningful notes or acknowledgements.

Automobile showroom "KIA"

    8, Skladskaya st., Zaporizhzhia city, 69083, Ukraine
    Automobile showroom tel.: +38(061) 222-14-45
    Vehicle service station tel.: +38(0612) 95-71-28
All at the same time, you may buy here Kia, Chevrolet, Lada, ZAZ and second hand or used cars. Our customers may quickly get car loan, automobile insurance, assistance and support in registration of their motor car with State Traffic Patrol Department through any "Grad Auto" automobile showrooms in Zaporizhzhia city. "Grad Auto" vehicle service station always offers servicing and warranty maintenance, scheduled maintenance of motor cars (we offer aftersales service of Toyota, KIA, Peugeot, Chevrolet, Chery, VAZ, LADA, ZAZ Lanos, ZAZ Sens, ZAZ Forza, ZAZ Vida, Bogdan, and non-warranty service of other car models) or any car repair at our vehicle service station in Zaporizhzhia city.

Four automobile showrooms in Zaporizhzhia city offer the most popular car models:
  • KIA model range: Picanto (KIA Picanto), Rio (KIA Rio), Cerato (KIA Cerato), Сeed (KIA Сeed), Optima (KIA Optima), Carens (KIA Carens), Sportage (KIA Sportage), Sorento (KIA Sorento), Soul (KIA Soul)
  • Chevrolet model range: Aveo (Chevrolet Aveo), Cruze (Chevrolet Cruze), Malibu (Chevrolet Malibu), Orlando (Chevrolet Orlando), Captiva (Chevrolet Captiva), Tracker (Chevrolet Tracker)
  • LADA model range: Grаntа (LADA Grаntа), Kalina2 (LADA Kalina 2), Niva (LADA Niva 4х4), Largus (LADA Largus)
  • ZAZ model range: Lanos (ZAZ Lanos), Sens (ZAZ Sens), Forza (ZAZ Forza), Vida (ZAZ Vida)

We invite you to visit our Auto Center "Grad Auto" in SKLADSKAYA!
"Grad Auto" LLC is an authorized dealer of Chevrolet, KIA, ZAZ, VAZ.

Grad Auto

Град Авто
    8, Skladskaya st., Zaporizhzhia city, 69083, Ukraine
    Automobile showroom tel.: +38(061) 222-14-45
    Vehicle service station tel.: +38(061) 95-71-28
Body repair is a technical process of high complexity that requires a special-purpose equipment, qualitative materials, high professional qualification of specialists and close compliance with technology.

The following specialists are participants thereof: Body-workers who restore the required auto body geometry, geometry of individual parts and correct mutual bracing of components; bar benders who disassemble car before repair and assemble it thereafter; preparatory workers who shape reworked parts as required by using fillers and prepare them for painting; painters who paint and varnish parts.

We offer services as follows:
  • Bumper repair
  • Glass repair
  • Car polish
  • Car painting
  • Aerography
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact operator at Body Repair Center.

We do our best to make repair at our center as comfortable as possible.

Body Repair Center

    8, Skladskaya st., Zaporizhzhia city, 69083, Ukraine
    tel.: +38(061) 222-88-12
    cell phone: +38(050) 333-88-12
The major business line of PROGRESS Company is distribution of paints and varnishes produced by MOBIHEL (HELIOS GROUP, Slovenia) required for qualitative auto body repair. MOBIHEL materials are offered for sale in more than 50 countries worldwide and are ahead of many well-known brands as per sales growth rates.

Over 18 years PROGRESS Company is the authorized representative of MOBIHEL on the Ukrainian market, in Moldova and Transdniestria. In respect of such line, at the time being the holding has established a hi-tech and dynamic dealership network, as well as its own network of representative offices and regional warehouses over the whole territory of Ukraine and Moldova.

Our partners have at their disposal our MOBIHEL Training Center with its team of highly experienced process engineers and color matchers and the MOBIHEL hot line offering prompt advice on MOBIHEL paints and varnishes.

PROGRESS Company guarantees that each of its customers will receive both the high quality of materials and engineering support to achieve the intended results.

Mobihel Ukraine

    8, Skladskaya st., Zaporizhzhia city, 69083, Ukraine
    Cell phone: +38(095) 239-40-04
On-line shop offers a choice of:
  • MOBIHEL paints and varnishes
  • SMIRDEX abrasives
  • Polishing systems
  • Masking and protective materials
  • Tools (from paint-spray guns to polishing machines)
  • Associated products and materials (filters, wire, car polish and more)
  • Individual protection means
A wide range of not only MOBIHEL paints and varnishes for car repair, but also joint products enables our partners to receive everything for body repair from a single source, thus saving money and time of the customers.

Mobihel Ukraine
on-line shop

    8, Skladskaya st., Zaporizhzhia city, 69083, Ukraine
    Cell phone: +38(095) 239-40-04